Maria Stratigou

Concert Pianist - Researcher
Maria completed her PhD (Performance) at the Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, UK) in 2021, under the supervision of Prof Barbara Kelly, Dr David Jones and Dr Simon Clarke, and generously supported by the NWCDTP (North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership), the RNCM, and the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation.

She has presented outcomes of her practice-based research in the following international conferences and universities:

Sep 2022 (Durham, UK)                 Royal Musical Association Annual Conference 2022 - Lecture Recital
                                                          'The Meaning of dolce in Nineteenth-Century Pianism, as Derived from Farrenc’s Piano Etudes'

Nov 2021 (Cottbus, DE)                 Virtuosity and Innovation. Symposium on Piano Music of the Brilliant Style (ca. 1790-1840) - Paper Presentation           
                                                          'Virtuosity and Originality in Louise Farrenc’s Op. 26 Etudes for Piano'

Sep 2021 (Bangor, UK)                  Third International Conference on Women's Work in Music - Paper Presentation 'Louise Farrenc’s pedagogy as      
                                                          seen through her students'

Mar 2021 (Keele, UK)                    Keele University Music Forum Presentation - 'The Kaleidoscope of Louise Farrenc’s Etudes for piano'

Dec 2020 (Murcia, ES)                   ClaMo & Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Murcia - Lecture Recital 'Louise Farrenc: Her Life and Piano       

Dec 2020 (Manchester, UK)           RNCM Piano Chat Forum - 'Performing and (or?) Researching Louise Farrenc’s Etudes for piano'

Nov 2020 (Lucca, IT)                       Complesso Monumentale di San Micheletto - Women Are not Born to Compose: Female Musical Works from
                                                           1750 to 1950
- Paper presentation 'Louise Farrenc’s Etudes: Dates, Purpose, Reception and Role'

Sep 2020 (North Carolina, USA)    Salem College Graduate Seminar Course - 'Louise Farrenc'

May 2020 (Manchester, UK)           RNCM Post-Graduate Research Student Conference - Paper presentation
                                                           'Investigating the primary sources of Louise Farrenc's Etudes for Piano')

Feb 2020 (Manchester, UK)            RNCM, Conference Musical Women in Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century
                                                           Organiser/Opening Concert/Post-Concert Talk 'Researching Louise Farrenc's Piano Etudes'

Sep 2019 (Vienna, AT)                    Symposium: Correct, but not beautiful performance II: Deciphering the hidden messages in 19th-century notation
                                                           Lecture-Recital 'Shaping the performance of Louise Farrenc’s Piano Etudes in light of past practices'

May 2019 (Manchester, UK)           RNCM Post-Graduate Student Conference - Lecture Recital 'Louise Farrenc and the Paris Conservatoire'

Dec 2018 (Christchurch, NZ)          University of Canterbury - Into the Unknown
                                                           Lecture-Recital 'Performing Louise Farrenc's Etudes for piano',
1st Student Prize of the Conference

Sep 2018 (Birmingham, UK)           Royal Birmingham Conservatoire - Editing, Performing and Re-Composing the Musical Past: French                                 
                                                           Neoclassicism (1870-)

                                                           Lecture-Recital 'Louise Farrenc and Le Tresor des Pianistes'

Jun 2018 (Manchester, UK)             RNCM Pre-Concert Talk - 'Louise Farrenc's Symphonies'

May 2018 (Manchester, UK)           RNCM Post-Graduate Research Student Conference
                                                           Lecture-Recital 'Louise Farrenc: Etudes for piano, Op. 50'

Upcoming Presentations:

6 June 2023, 5.15pm                        University of Oxford (Oxford, UK) - Graduate Colloquium
                                                           'Looking into the manuscripts and historical editions of Louise Farrenc's Piano Works -
                                                           Detailed Analysis and Performance Implications'

Please, watch this space for upcoming presentations...